The Odds Are 1 in 5.5 Million, But This Just Happened In North Carolina

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This story is truly tragic, and truly fascinating. Earlier this month, in North Carolina lightning killed two people on the same day. The odds of dying in a lightning strike are 1 in 5.5 million, except, the astronomical odds were strangely met right here in our home state.


In Cary, Steven Bryan, 28, was waiting in a mall parking lot for his girlfriend when he was struck by lightning and died.


That same day, in Harnett County, Frankie Roberts was taking her dogs out to use the bathroom when she was struck by lightning.


Both instances happened only hours, and miles, apart. This is the first time, in North Carolina records, two people in the same county were killed by lightning, on the same day.


Ask any meteorologist, and they will tell you this is an astonishing, rare occurrence. A single lightning bolt carries enough pure energy to power your home for a week. Yet, the odds of being struck by lighting are 1 in 5.5 million. How insane is it that this happened to two people on the same day?


During the storms, several homes and buildings were struck by lightning. But it is truly tragic that this natural occurrence took two lives.


All photos featured were captured in North Carolina. This story was originally reported in The Fayetteville Observer.