The Mystery Behind This Ancient Marvel In North Carolina Will Baffle You

Buried in the mountains of Jackson County, just outside of Sylva, there exists a very, very strange rock. The rock is rather large and adorned with mysterious and indistinguishable carvings and writings. The ancient petroglyphs are said to date back almost 3000 years. The story of the rock and how it came to be is unknown, but deeply rooted in Cherokee folklore.

Judaculla Rock is a soapstone boulder situated at the base of a mountain and believed to be one of three similar rocks found at the site (while one was reportedly buried during a 20th century mining operation). It’s free to view the rock and is best to view it ASAP because, as mentioned above, it is quickly eroding. For driving directions, click here.

Everyone has their own theory on this rock – and those who witness it firsthand feel and understand the presence and mystery of this strange object. What do you think is the true story and origin of Judaculla Rock? Have you been here before?

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