There’s No Better Place To Be Than This Hot Springs In North Carolina

Did you know that there are hot springs in North Carolina? Located deep within the Pisgah National Forest, this hot springs resort in the town of Hot Springs is a place to go for rejuvenation, adventure, and relaxation. This charming mountain town gets its name from a natural wonder – hot mineral springs. Located deep within the earth, the water has some pretty ‘magical’ powers.

Next time I want a break from the world and a weekend to clear my mind – I know exactly where I’m going! Have you visited Hot Springs before? What are some of your favorite things to do in this beautiful town?


Address: Hot Springs Resort And Spa, 315 Bridge St, Hot Springs, NC 28743, USA
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Hot springs in North Carolina

February 08, 2022

What’s so special about these hot springs?

The thermal spring in Hot Springs, North Carolina is the only known hot spring in North Carolina and is one of very few in the southeastern portion of the United States. Its natural water temperature is 108 degrees Fahrenheit and people have been flocking to this area to enjoy it for hundreds if not thousands of years. The first people to discover and use the spring were Native Americans, of course, but when European settlers found it around 1778, it became even more popular. Many people long ago and today report therapeutic or even healing benefits of these mineral waters; at the very least, they are warm and relaxing.

What else is there to do in Hot Springs, North Carolina?

The town of Hot Springs, North Carolina is small – the year-round population is only 560. However, due to the large number of tourists that visit the area, there are a number of stores and restaurants in town to enjoy in addition to the springs. History buffs might enjoy viewing the area’s historic homes such as Historic Sunnybank and the Mountain Magnolia Inn as well as the historic homes on Lawson Street. Hikers will love this area; there are dozens of hiking trails that begin just outside of town.

Do you have to stay at the Hot Springs Resort to use the hot springs?

You do not have to stay at the Hot Springs Resort to enjoy the hot springs. The resort rents the hot tubs out by the hour whether you are staying there or not. It offers three different styles of tub; you can choose the best one for you based on your budget and your needs. Each tub rents by the hour, although you can sign up for several hours if you’d like.

Address: Hot Springs Resort And Spa, 315 Bridge St, Hot Springs, NC 28743, USA