12 Undeniable Things You’ll Find In Every North Carolina Home

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where you create and establish your life through the years. Overtime your home turns into a reflection of yourself, your life, your adventures, and what you’ve accomplished. While home is where the heart is, North Carolina is where all our hearts are, so you’re sure to find these 12 things in every North Carolina home.

1. A casserole dish

We have them in all shapes and sizes and really for all occasions.

2. College collectibles


Depending on college of choice, North Carolinians are proud to show their pride.

3. Outside chairs for relaxing

North Carolinians love spending long summer nights on the front porch with a cold drink in hand.

4. A pitcher

For sweet tea, of course.

5. A good pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes


With the mountains only a drive away, North Carolinians are always prepared when the adventure bug strikes.

6. Beach gear

Umbrella, beach chairs, beach towels.

7. Winter jackets

And with that being said….

8. A snow shovel


You know, for when we get a serious five inches of snow.

9. Sports equipment

Bike, basketball, skis, baseball…the list goes on

10. Family pictures

We love our families in the south and put them first.

11. Stand mixer


For homemade biscuits of course

12. Seashell collection

Don’t lie, you know you have one.

What else do you commonly find in North Carolina homes? Tell us in the comments!

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