The Awesome Treetop Adventure In North Carolina Everyone Will Love

When one thinks ‘treetop adventure,’ usually the first things that come to mind are ziplines, ladders suspended from tall oaks, daring crossways between trees, and a usual sense of thrill and adventure. While many treetop adventures are geared towards the more daring, the Museum of Life + Science in Durham has taken a family-friendly angle that combines the nostalgia of treehouses with accessibility for all ages.

Incase you’re wondering what it’d be like to play in Hideaway Woods, this video posted by the Museum of Life + Science is a great inside look.

It seems you’re never TOO old to let your imagination take hold, and this is the perfect place to do so! I can only imagine the stories and creativity it will instill in little ones, and rekindle in adults.

Have you visited here before? On your visit, make sure to stop by the enchanting butterfly house.