The Epic Snow Tubing Hill In North Carolina, Hawksnest, Is Filled With Winter Thrills

With a blanket of snow having already fallen in places on the western side of the state, there’s no shame in already planning some epic sledding or skiing trips in the mountains. While plenty of us have our go-to sledding spots, sometimes we want to take it to the next level and try snow tubing. Luckily, the Tar Heel State is home to the best snow tubing hill in North Carolina and the biggest snow tubing destination on the east coast that mixes all levels and thrills.

With 30 snow-covered lanes and multiple sessions each day, Hawksnest is definitely the best snow tubing hill in North Carolina and it’s so much fun! Have you been here before?

For more information or to purchase snow tubing tickets at Hawksnest, visit the official website at this link.

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Address: 2058 Skyland Dr, Seven Devils, NC 28604, USA
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Best Snow Tubing Hill In North Carolina

November 16, 2019

Where else can I go snow tubing in North Carolina?

Aside from being home to the largest snow tubing park on the east coast (you can read all about Hawksnest Snow Tubing Park in the article above), North Carolina is home to seven popular snow tubing parks: Moonshine Mountain in Hendersonville, Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center in Scaly Mountain, Tube World in Maggie Valley, Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing Park in Newland, Beech Mountain Resort in Beech Mountain, Wolf Ridge Resort in Mars Hill, and, of course, Hawksnest in Seven Devils (detailed above). Whichever park you visit, bundle up and prepare for epic fun as you sail down the hill time and time again.

Can I go skiing in North Carolina?

Skiing is a huge wintertime sport in North Carolina. A number of ski resorts operate on a much shorter season than, say, those found in the western U.S. The typical ski season lasts from November (around Thanksgiving) through April and sometimes May in the highest elevations.

What is the biggest ski resort in North Carolina?

There is a tie for the biggest ski resort in North Carolina and, fortunately for avid skiers, the two biggest ski resorts (measured in total slope length) are only several miles apart, so visiting both in one vacation is easily accommodated. The two biggest ski resorts each have right around 8.5 miles of slopes. They are Sugar Mountain (longest run is 1.5 miles) and Beech Mountain (longest run is 1.0 mile).


Address: 2058 Skyland Dr, Seven Devils, NC 28604, USA