North Carolina is crawling with creepy legends, but one of the most beloved ghost stories is the one about Helen’s Bridge.

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Helen’s Bridge was originally constructed in 1909 to connect Zealandia Mansion to the rest of the world. Now, it’s a hotbed for paranormal activity and out of use. What happened?

As the story goes, a woman named Helen who lived near the mansion gave birth to a beloved child. But this happy time in Helen’s life turned to tragedy when her house was set on fire. Helen tried desperately to save her baby, but passed out from smoke inhalation. Firefighters were able to drag her out, but her baby was gone.

Helen’s grief was immeasurable. She decided to end her life and hung herself from Helen’s Bridge. Ever since, weird things have happened at the bridge and some people claim they’ve been able to summon Helen herself while exploring here.

Helen’s Bridge is a favorite for paranormal fans all over. Just make sure to exercise caution here!

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