This Recent ‘Demonic Possession’ In North Carolina Has Everyone Talking

This is a true story. The video at the end is creepy.

It’s a cold February night in Gaston County. Ralph George Wilson sleeps in his bed, tossing and turning occasionally. It’s hard for him to rest peacefully through the night knowing his son battles mental illness. But Ralph is a firm believer in the Lord and his Christian faith. He trusts that his beliefs can pull him through any situation.

But can they?

Ralph awakes to see his son standing over him and realizes his bed is doused in flammable liquid. Before anything else can happen, Ralph reaches for his gun, and in self-defense, shoots his son in the chest.

He calls 911, but what he tells the dispatcher is more surprising than anything.

“It was either me or him, and I’m going to protect myself. I’m tired of it,” he explained. “He’s demon possessed… The demons are tormenting him. He tells me all the time they’re tormenting him. He’ll cry like a little baby.”

“When they attack him, he goes crazy.”

But what is more surprising is that Ralph admits his son is also battling bi-polar disorder.

“I got a bipolar boy trying to set my house on fire last night, and he’s doing it again,” Wilson explained. “And he come at me, and I shot him.”

This leads the case somewhat cold, was the boy indeed ‘possessed’ like Ralph claims, or is it a case of untreated bi-polar disorder? Are the ‘demons’ Ralph is referring to literal ‘demons’ or the metaphorical demons we call our vices?

Either way, to awake with your son standing over you in attempts to ignite your bed and murder you in your sleep is surely terrifying. But to blame it on the possession of demons seems…a stretch?

“Go tell him he better call on the Lord. Go tell him to pray,” Wilson instructed his wife. “His soul’s going to be lost. You better tell him.”

“You shouldn’t have shot him in the chest,” the wife replied as the son screamed in the background.

Is this a case of overbearing faith? Or is this a case of actual demon possession? Luckily, the son suffered no life threatening injuries. I wonder how the Wilsons are doing now?

Hear the 911 call below.


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