This North Carolina Waterfall Is So Hidden, Almost Nobody Has Seen It In Person

Exploring the Linville Gorge Wilderness area on foot is a favorite pastime of many adventurers that love trekking through the mountains of North Carolina. The many trails within the Gorge offer a variety of adventures but one thing many have in common is water. From Linville Falls to many other waterfalls found within the Gorge, there is much to discover! Today, let’s take a look at one waterfall located just outside of the Gorge that not many get to see.

You can reach Steels Creek Falls by way of the Steels Creek Trail (1.6 miles) or the longer Newt Falls/Steels Creek Falls Trail (6.8 miles).

Have you explored many falls in the Tar Heel State before? What’s your favorite waterfall in North Carolina?

(Editor’s Note: A gracious and very polite reader claiming to have explored 700 waterfalls in North Carolina contacted us to let us know we’d referred to Steels Creek Falls as being inside Linville Gorge when it is, in fact, not found within the Gorge. But it is close by and is still one of the most unique underrated falls in the state! Thanks to that reader who took the time to so gracefully reach out and help us set the record straight. My contact information is found at the bottom of the article and I’m always appreciative when someone takes the time to send a polite note about North Carolina!)

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