The Hike To This Secluded Waterfall Beach In North Carolina Is Positively Amazing

Editor’s Note: This beautiful waterfall in North Carolina is also one of the state’s deadliest. Please exercise caution at all times and follow the warning signs posted all along the trail.

Just when you think you’ve discovered all the best waterfalls in the Tar Heel State… take a look at this hidden gem that has a natural pool at the bottom and a beach made for lounging in the sun. Getting there is a bit of a journey, but the payoff is monumental.

Enjoy a day at this fantastically hidden waterfall beach in the Tar Heel State. Do you know of other waterfall beaches in North Carolina? We’d love to know about them, too!

A word of caution about this waterfall: the rock surface at the top of the waterfall is slippery, and fatalities have occurred. Use extreme caution. Do not jump from the waterfall. People have died as a result of jumping from this waterfall.

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