A Massive Swarm Of Dragonflies Is Hovering Over North Carolina And It Could Bring Good Luck

If you’re among the many who consider a dragonfly an omen of forthcoming good fortune, then prepare for something good coming your way. More than a week ago, a huge swarm of unknown origin wreaked havoc on the radar for National Weather Service stations in Ohio. After further analysis, it was determined the source of the huge mass seen on the radar – was dragonflies. As luck would have it, earlier this week, a National Weather Service center in Virginia spotted a similar mass on the radar over parts of Virginia and North Carolina – a mass that’s assumed to be the same swarm of dragonflies.

Have you spotted more dragonflies lately than usual? And have you heard of other omens (good or bad) that are associated with spotting this beloved insect? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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