You Better Know These 25 Things About Dating Someone from North Carolina

So, someone from North Carolina stole your heart? Can’t say I’m surprised. We are quite charming. But, now what? Well there are a few things you need to know about us North Carolinians.

25. We have a duality about us

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One day we’re the most laid back beach bums you’ll ever meet. The next we’re talking about hiking Mt. Mitchell and rafting down the French Broad River. You’ll learn to keep up…with time. Like anywhere (ok, maybe just NC) where a person grows up with both the beach and the mountains, we’ve learned to embrace both sides of ourselves but…

24. We have hometown pride

Sure, I may be from Winston-Salem, but I really grew up in Pfafftown. I love my country roots, with the long winding roads and horse farms nestled in the distance. I can show you where I went to elementary school and I’ll show you where I got my first speeding ticket. North Carolinians LOVE their hometowns and they love to show them off.

23. So act interested

High school football rivalries are a big deal, mmkay? And if you’re lucky enough to let me show you around where I grew up and the best place to get BBQ, it means A LOT to me…so it should mean a lot to you.

22. Know about sports

ACC Insider ACC Insider

Don’t tell me you don’t know who Dean Smith is because that’s a one-way ticket to break up town (true story fyi). Just do a quick ‘google’ search of sports in NC then get really overwhelmed and terrified because…

21. You’re gonna have to pick a side

Luckily everyone loves the Panthers, and the Hurricanes. Oh, but college basketball…well…

20. Thats a different story (novel)

Duke, Carolina, NC State. Whatever your sweetie likes is what you will like and no matter who the opposing team is playing you NEVER root for them, ya hear me?!

19. Speaking of sides

We also have a war over barbeque (BBQ). You will try both, and you will also have to pick a side.

18. I might be overwhelming you but…

Did I mention North Carolinians are extremely laid back? Ok, sure, theres a BBQ war, and a basketball war, but at the heart of it we never forget our Esse Quam Videri.’ To be rather than to seem.’ So yeah, we might get passionate about what is important to us, but this doesen’t mean we’re crazy or anything, but…

17. We do have some eccentric family members


And if Grandma serves you those collard greens you better LOVE them.

16. Your taste in music will get exponentially better

North Carolinians KNOW what good music is. With so many talented, famous musicians hailing from this great state, it comes naturally to us. We love to share music, find music, listen to music, oh and…

15. Live music

Hello, perfect Summer night. We love catching a concert, drinking a cold craft beer on the lawn, kicking back and jamming out. Did I mention bluegrass? Our bluegrass festivals are pretty epic. Its a grand ole’ time and you can catch one of these babies from the mountains to the coast.

14.  We also love food

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We have whole parties dedicated to roastin’ a pig. Our mommas, grandmas and aunts can all make some killer casseroles, biscuits, fried chicken, green beans, grits…ok, is anyone else getting hungry or is it just me? More than likely certain ingredients will come fresh from grandpa’s garden (and they’ll insist you to take home at least five tomatoes). Also, no one can compete with Grandma’s mac n’ cheese, you’ll be licking your plate clean.

13. Speaking of gathering over food…

You’re going to love our family, and they’re going to treat you like family. We take our southern hospitality seriously. You’ll never want to leave! And basically, you’ll never go hungry…even at 3AM because that’s what Cookout is for.

12. We say weird things

What, like you’ve never carried your grandma to the doctor? Or put your groceries in the buggy? Or grabbed the remote from yonder so you don’t have to mash the TV? You’ll learn with time, young grasshopper.

11. Lets talk about food again

North Carolina has a KILLER restaurant scene. From the metropolitan, 27th floor restaurants overlooking the grand city of Charlotte. Or, fresh caught seafood with a sunset harbor view. Cities like Raleigh, Durham, and Asheville have all made national lists for best food cities. Needless to say, you’ll be eating well and you might want to bring some bigger britches with you.

10. Don’t forget about the spirits

The Buzz The Buzz

Craft beer, muscadine wine, moonshine. We’re not ‘beer snobs’ by choice, we just have so many fantastic options, its like, are you really going to order that Coors Light (because don’t you dare). You’ll also get a great tour-de-beer, with so many breweries in the Tarheel State its not even a question.

9. So obviously…

We love a good time. We love being surrounded by friends, family, food, and drinks. North Carolinians know how to party. From chill summer concerts to cool autumn bonfires. Even a little cabin party in the winter. You’ll never get bored, even when we’re ‘chillaxing’ cause…

8. We know how to relax

You’re going to learn something called, Porch Sitting 101. Make sure to have a cool sweet tea in hand. Oh look, theres Billy’s red truck, bet he’s going to the Circle K. Oh, theres Sheriff Tom, wonder if he’ll be waiting by the 421 bend later. If we get tired of porch-watching we’ll make sure to go to a park or at least go for a walk because…

7. We’re also quite active

David Alan Harvey / National Geographic David Alan Harvey / National Geographic

With so many options TO be active, we love to catch a wave, hit the ski slopes, hike a mountain, try out rock climbing, run a 5k, even just do some yoga or take a dance class. North Carolinians love the outdoors!

6. We appreciate the arts

It’s not just musicians, but artists, writers, filmmakers, philosophers, and great thinkers that come from this amazing state. Charlotte is home to some amazing museums. Winston-Salem is noted as the ‘arts capital’ and celebrity sightings aren’t rare because…

5. At least one person in our family has been an extra in a movie

So, we’re like, kind of famous?

4. But we’re humble

Like I said, southern hospitality. Sure we boast about our state, our friends and our family. Mainly because North Carolinians are taught to always have pride but never be prideful. Maybe its the southern genes, or maybe it’s just something in the water. We’re down to earth and expect our sweetie to at least appreciate that and be on the same wavelength.

3. You’ll get to go on some great family vacations

Flickr / kt.ries Flickr / kt.ries

Oh, you don’t have wild horses on the beaches where you come from? Sorry…

2. There’s nothin finer…

Than a girl (or guy) from Carolina. Try to resist this southern accent, I dare you. But most importantly…

1. We never forget our roots


Even if you meet us in a big city where we’ve decided to start a new life, we’ll always be North Carolinians at heart. This will never change. We can move to another country and will still miss, remember, and talk about how great our home is. Over time, you’ll learn to love it too, and may even get to call it YOUR home someday.

So basically…never let us go, cause hey, total package right here!