Channel Your Inner Pioneer When You Spend The Night At This Covered Wagon Resort In Robbinsville, North Carolina

Ever wondered what it was like for the pioneers that migrated all over America in covered wagons? For most of that period, traditional farm wagons that were covered with canvas were used. But in the latter part of the 1700s folks began using Conestoga covered wagons, which were much larger and much sturdier but had the problem of being too heavy for traveling through the plains. Conestoga covered wagons were heavily used prior to the invention of trains for transporting goods, however. Their design was such that it helped to prevent items inside from tipping over. At this covered wagon resort in North Carolina you’ll spend the night in a roomy Conestoga-style covered wagon, complete with some amenities that the actual pioneers weren’t privy to.

Would you ever want to stay at this covered wagon resort in North Carolina? Visit the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge and Resort on the web to learn more.

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Address: Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge, 1755 Lower Stecoah Rd, Robbinsville, NC 28771, USA