The One County In North Carolina With 250 Waterfalls You’ll Want To Visit

The mountains of Western North Carolina are a waterfall bonanza for outdoor enthusiasts. The waterfalls in this part of the state could easily number in the four-digit range, but one county, in particular, has more waterfalls and cascades than any other. If you’re up for a weekend (or even just a day) of outdoor adventure then head to Transylvania County (a.k.a. the Land of Waterfalls), where you’ll find 250 waterfalls and cascades spread throughout the county. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular:

Chasing waterfalls is a fun way to spend the day, or weekend! In your down time in Transylvania County, head to Brevard, where you’ll be in absolute heaven if you love antiquing. Learn more in this previous article.