The North Carolina Trail That Holds A Long Forgotten Secret Of The Second World War

Most people who camp at the Frisco Campground at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore are completely unaware that a trail leading from the campground goes straight to a little-known piece of British soil in North Carolina. The easy trail (although it’s nearly nine miles long) leads to a forgotten secret of the Second World War that’s both sad and fascinating.

Did you know about this forgotten secret of World War II in North Carolina? Or that a small piece of US soil is leased to the British government for the foreseeable future? We’d love to know the answers to both!

The Open Ponds Trail is open year-round. You can find more information about the trail at this link on More information about Frisco Campground can be found at this link.

Forgotten British Cemetery Address: Lighthouse Road, Buxton, NC, 27920

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