This One Destination Has The Absolute Bluest Water In North Carolina

In a state with over 200 miles of coastline, we’re constantly searching for the best beach experience we can find in North Carolina. When one thinks ‘beach’ usually the Atlantic isn’t associated with the crystal clear water found in the Caribbean. Yet, one area has the bluest water of all…it might just take a little effort to get there. The Crystal Coast section of North Carolina is home to turquoise surf and white sand. Here’s more on what you can look forward to when visiting the place with the bluest water in North Carolina.

After researching more about the place with the bluest water in North Carolina, we’re officially ready to plan our trip! Have you visited the Cyrstal Coast before?

While this destination is arguably home to the bluest water in North Carolina, there are plenty of other pristine destinations throughout the state where you can still see the bottom – like these swimming holes in North Carolina!

Address: Shackleford Banks, North Carolina, USA
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bluest water in North Carolina

November 18, 2020

Where can I go swimming in North Carolina that has clear waters?

North Carolina is famous for its beautiful beaches. In fact, you’ll find several places in the Tar Heel State whose waters rival the Caribbean in terms of both beauty and clarity. Some of the most beautiful places to go swimming in North Carolina include Lake James, Skinny Dip Falls, White Lake, Emerald Isle, Lower Cascade Falls at Hanging Rock State Park, Wrightsville Beach, and Silver Run Falls. Learn more about these beautiful swimming holes with the clearest, most pristine water in North Carolina.

What’s the most beautiful beach in North Carolina?

There are so many incredible beaches scattered along the coast of North Carolina that it can be overwhelming to pinpoint the single most beautiful. However, many people agree that Bald Head Island belongs at the top of the list. To start with, it’s only accessible via a 20-minute ferry ride from the mainland. In this sense, it’s the best way to get away from it all. Most of the people who live there choose to get around by golf carts. It’s that laid-back! Additionally, the beach is home to a variety of sea life, including wild grasses and sea turtles.

What are North Carolina’s hidden beaches?

Are you looking to explore North Carolina’s secret beaches? You’ve come to the right place! Our state is filled with countless miles of sandy shorelines, and many of them are relatively secret. Some of the best-kept secret beaches in North Carolina include Emerald Isle Beach, Hammocks Beach State Park in Swansboro, Nag’s Head Beach, Ocracoke Beach on Ocracoke Island, Avon Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Wrightsville Beach. One of the perks of visiting Wrightsville Beach is that it’s also one of the most accessible beaches in North Carolina. Just east of Wilmington, it’s famous for its recreational opportunities, such as paddle boarding, surfing, and kayaking.

Address: Shackleford Banks, North Carolina, USA