The One North Carolina Sandwich That’s Worth Driving Across The State For

Have the winter blues hit you yet? Because for me, they have. After Christmas all we really have to look forward to is longer, warmer days, and potentially a beach trip on the horizon. One way to forget about winter and escape to summer is an easy option: seafood. Yet, the option isn’t SO easy; it might require a bit of a drive, but North Carolina’s best shrimpburger is worth the miles.

Have you tried a Big Oak shrimpburger before? I crave one daily and can’t wait for a return trip to have another of the sweet and savory bun, crunchy coleslaw, and piping hot fried shrimp that combine for a sandwich that’s totally worth putting the miles on your car.

You can find Big Oak at:
1167 Salter Path Rd
Salter Path, NC 28575

If you’re looking for another unique North Carolina meal, hop on board at this delicious restaurant located in a former train station!