Any state is sure to have stereotypes and stigmas. It’s just part of human nature, we type something based on general understandings, sometimes forgetting to look closely and not just at the big picture.

While attending an out-of-state university for two years, before transferring and finishing my degree in NC, I was asked all SORTS of questions about North Carolina. Some were downright rude and ignorant, while others I couldn’t help but wonder…wait, you seriously think that?

Here are thirty statements/questions, some from personal experience, some from my imagination, you should never say to a North Carolinian.

1. College basketball is fine, but the NBA has actual talent.

nc state 1983

Don’t bring that nonsense round these parts. Players in the NBA, they’ve already made it, college basketball, that’s where the real blood, sweat, and tears lie.

2. Where is yonder?

Good question.

3. So, you, and your family members, wear shoes, right?

I don’t know when this ideology started that North Carolinians are a bunch of barefoot southern hippies trottin’ along.

4. Can you play a banjo?


Yes, let me just pull out my banjo real quick.

5. So like everyone in North Carolina smokes cigarettes, right?

Just because we make it doesn’t mean we smoke it.

6. Asheville is too liberal.

It’s def. a liberal hub of the state but there’s so much more to Asheville then just fire dancin’ drum circlin’ hippies.

7. Whats the point in roasting a whole hog?


Whats the point of this question?

8. Oh so, you must like know Clay Aiken, or Kelly Pickler, or *insert other American Idol star.*

Yes, we are all well connected down in these parts.

9. Why is everyone so friendly?

Is that a serious question? I’m sorry, go back up north.

10. Do you just eat biscuits and Krispy Kreme all day?

Balanced diet, y’all.

11. I actually prefer Coca Cola.


Sorry bout it, but Pepsi was born and raised in North Carolina. Even the natives who don’t like it would never openly bash it.

12. You know, Ohio was actually first in flight.

Yes, because the plane took off in Ohio, totally logical.

13. So you’re like super conservative, since you’re from the south?


Newsflash, NC is actually a divided state when it comes to political parties.

14. Why are no more movies being shot in North Carolina?

Ask the geniuses who cut our film incentives.

15. Have you tipped a cow?

Yes, barefoot!

16. Is it really necessary to have two types of barbecue?

Why do you ask so many questions?

17. Cheerwine tastes like cough syrup.


You’re really gonna insult the nectar of the North Carolina Gods like that?

18. Why do you have so many weird words for things? Why can’t you just call it what it is?

Oh, your state doesn’t have slang?

19. So you don’t get bored, just sitting on a porch?

What could be boring about relaxation?

20. It’s not y’all, its you all.


21. We don’t have sweet tea. Sugar is on the table.

If I wanted to be forced to put sugar in my tea, I’d go to Virginia.

22. Which do you like better, the mountains or the coast?

Well, actually, I don’t have to choose.

23. So North Carolina and South Carolina are basically the same?

South Carolina is like that cousin who peaked in high school and wears flip flops in the snow, but you still have to acknowledge you’re related.

24. So which one do you like better, Carolina or Duke?

Yes, each North Carolinian takes their respective side. Yet, there are tons of other amazing universities in the state.

25. Appalayshun

What? Where? Who?

26. Why do you freak out when it snows? Try living up north, that’s where it actually snows.


Only because I know everything will shut down. As much as I want to be calm and collected, we really don’t have that option from the piedmont to coast. If I wanted to live in constant snow with a lack of four seasons, then yes, I guess I would move up north.

27. Do you want *insert cheap, watered down beer brand*?

What is this, a fraternity party? Do you have craft beer? Or moonshine? Please tell me you do.

28. You can read, right?

I don’t understand how this association with illiteracy and the south still persists.

29. Have you been to District 12?

You mean Black Mountain?

30. Why does everyone want to move to North Carolina?



Seriously? Have you seen the google images of North Carolina?

What are some absurd questions you’ve been asked about our home state?

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