Visit This Ancient Native American Ceremonial Mound To See The Only One Of Its Kind In North Carolina

As we all know, the present-day history of North Carolina extends well before Colonial America sprang up in the 1600s. If we need to see evidence as such, then we can always visit Judaculla Rock, which contains ancient carvings thought to be at least 2,000 years old. Or, for something a little more recent, yet still in the distant past, take a drive over to Mt. Gilead to walk in the footsteps of Native Americans that built a little community along the banks of the Little River.

Learn more about it, including how you can schedule a group tour for a school, youth group, or any other group, with just a quick visit to the official website.

And for another head-turning attraction to lay eyes upon, be sure to read up on – and then take a drive by – this huge, former underground military compound near the Town Creek Mound.

Address: Town Creek Indian Mound State Historic Site, 509 Town Creek Mound Rd, Mt Gilead, NC 27306, USA