7 Wonders Of The World That Are Right Here In North Carolina

When one thinks of Wonders of the World – you think Babylon, the pyramids, and Grecian temples. While the man-made wonders surely do fascinate and challenge the mind, there’s nothing like a natural wonder you can experience for yourself.

Luckily, North Carolina is a state brimming with nature-defying creations, dating back millions and millions of years. While a trip to the pyramids might not be in your future, you can still get a jaw-dropping experiencing by visiting these 7 natural wonders found in North Carolina.

And of course, as an honorable mention, Mt. Mitchell…because the highest peak east of the Mississippi is right here in our home state!

But I bet there are a few more to add to the list – actually, I’m certain of it! Which wonders would you add? Have you visited any of the wonders listed above?

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