Remembering The Unforgettable Blackout Of 2003 That Left New York In Total Darkness

Depending on where you reside in our state, this weekend you may have seen anything from heavy rain to more lightning bolts than Zeus ever handled and loss of power. It seems almost unimaginable to think that so much time has already passed, but oddly enough this week marks 13 years since the epic Northeast Blackout of 2003. While nearly all of New York lost power, it was New York City that found itself in true total darkness.

Uploaded by The New York Times, you can see more of what it was like during the blackout and learn more details about what exactly caused this historic darkness:

What was this blackout like for you? Can you remember where exactly you were when the lights shut off? To take an even further step back in time, check out these incredible Then-And-Now Photos That Show How Much New York City Has Changed!