15 Words You’ll Only Understand If You’re From New York

It often isn’t until we travel out of state or have an out-of-town visitor come and stay with us that we realize just how puzzling some of the words in our everyday vocabulary can be. With New York being so large in size and full of a variety of regions, sometimes our own residents can’t even understand each other when they take a trip outside of their hometown. If you’ve ever had a conversation with a New Yorker that left you scratching your head over phrases you’d never heard before, then this list of 15 words that only our residents will understand may help clear up some of that confusion for you.

How many of these words are a part of your frequent vocabulary, what other terms would you add to this list? If you love living in our state as much as I do then you may love to read about these 11 Reasons Why Small Town New York Is Actually The Best Place To Grow Up!