Most People Don’t Know About This Underrated Zoo Hiding In New York

Compared to other states around the country, New York has quite the abundance of zoos and animal parks that you can visit. By now, you’ve heard of popular places like the Bronx Zoo that many of us visited on class field trips or the historic Binghamton Zoo that dates back to 1875. But there’s one zoo out in Central New York that’s been open for less than 10 years and has quite the heartwarming story behind its opening.

After growing up on a dairy farm and spending his free periods in school mapping out different designs for zoos, resident Jeff Taylor made his longtime dreams come true when he first began welcoming visitors to The Wild Animal Park back in 2011. Eight years later, Taylor’s zoo has expanded and welcomed more and more visitors each year who love to get an up-close look at all the animals that call this place home. Ready to see why we’re so smitten with this little-known zoo? We’re excited to show you.

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