Don’t Discount These Three Local Ghost Stories Until You’ve Visited The Town Of Albany, New York Yourself

You may have visited the streets of Albany, New York during the daytime. The state capital is full of government workers, legislators, and everyday people going about their business. But rumors say that as the sun sets, some of the city’s most famous locations pass out of the hands of the living – and into the hands of some terrifying local phantoms. Are these three spots truly haunted? Do these local ghost stories have any basis in reality? Come along on the ultimate Albany ghost tour and find out for yourself…

Have you visited Albany’s most haunted locations before? Let us know in the comments if you saw anything unusual – or just had a great day looking. If you’re interested in exploring yourself, make sure to visit the state capitol website for more information on touring.

Address: Albany Rural Cemetery, Albany, NY, USA
Address: New York State Education Department, 89 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12234, USA
Address: New York State Capitol, State St. and, Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12224, USA