New York Has Its Own Sweet Treat Trail And You’ll Wish You Had Discovered It Sooner

Here at Only In New York we love creating fun road trips and showcasing already-existing food trails for our readers. In the past you may remember that we’ve created things like an ice cream road trip that took you from out near Rochester, through the Finger Lakes and down to our Southern Tier. But today we’re highlighting a very small and specific area of the Finger Lakes, with this tasty trail being made up of locations that are all within an arm’s reach of each other. A hidden gem of Cayuga County that you’ll wish you had explored sooner, the official Sweet Treat Trail of New York features a total of twenty different spots.

Keeping things nice and simple for you, we’ve highlighted ten amazing locations along this epic food trail that you’ll want to see for yourself. Beginning in Auburn and taking you over and down to King Ferry, checking out these particular spots will only take you just over an hour!

How many of the locations on the Cayuga County Sweet Treat Trail can you say that you’ve visited? To check out another delicious trail in the Finger Lakes, read about how There’s A Cheese Trail In New York And It’s Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of!