14 Things You Really Have To Do In New York This Summer

It’s time to celebrate; we made it through the cold! While this year we may not have had the most harsh of winters, somehow the mildly cold weather seemed to drag itself out all the way until, well…now. This week the temperatures rose to where they finally should be, forcing many of us to break out all our extra fans, and had us cranking up the air conditioning. But don’t you worry, we’ve long waited for this gorgeous weather and you won’t find us complaining about it! Now that Mother Nature has breathed life back into our surroundings, it’s time to get outside! Every one of our residents may have their own personal bucket list for this summer, but these 14 things to do in New York are a complete MUST!

Is there something you’re looking forward to doing in New York this summer? Share with us what your favorite summer activities are in our state!