11 Tried And True Pieces Of Advice New Yorkers Have For The South When It Snows

We’ve all experienced it, that moment when your aunt from Florida has a mental breakdown on Facebook over the fact that her town may or may not be getting one to two inches of snow by morning. The moment when we’re surrounded by miniature mountains of snow and our southern family is absolutely breaking ties with reality because they may need to wear something other than their flip flops and short sleeve shirts during the month of January.

So while we sit all mighty on our high mounds of fresh snow, here’s some advice we’d like to give to our friends in the south for when they finally get some snow.

What advice would you give to southerners when it comes to dealing with snow? Personally I’d also like to tell our southern friends to come up north and experience This Toboggan Park In New York That Will Make Your Winter Unforgettable!