Trumansburg Is A Small Town With Only 1,800 Residents But Has Some Of The Best Food In New York

Some of the state’s biggest flavors can be found in its smallest towns. Deep in the Fingerlakes Region, Trumansburg is a sleepy little town with natural beauty that draws a lot of visitors. There’s also beauty to be discovered in Trumansburg’s thriving dining scene. Here’s a delicious sample of the food that’s waiting for you in this New York village.

There’s a lot more to see – and sample in Trumansburg. Learn more about this awesome little town on the village website. Once you’ve eaten your way through Trumansburg, here are some more tiny towns you should visit.

Address: Atlas Bowl, 61 W Main St, Trumansburg, NY 14886, USA
Address: Creekside Cafe
Address: Brews and Brats
Address: Hazelnut Kirchen
Address: Little Venice, tr