11 Popular Tourist Attractions In New York Nobody Cared About 15 Years Ago

Last month, Orbitz celebrated their 15th anniversary by creating a unique article which highlighted “tourist hotspots” that nobody was interested in 15 years ago. To no surprise, New York managed to make the list twice, showcasing Brooklyn and the Catskill Mountains. While we have nothing but love for our big city borough, today we’re going to continue to keep the focus on our beautiful Catskill region.

Once a popular vacation spot for our residents, the gorgeous area was somewhat abandoned after the 1970s, leaving many of its iconic resorts to be consumed by nature and demolition. While most of our residents have continued to appreciate the remote region, in recent years the area has once again become a well-known charming place to visit.

Curious as to why all the tourists are making the Catskills their safe haven again? Here are 11 attractions in New York that nobody cared about 15 years ago:

Is there another area in New York you feel has come back out of the woodwork in recent years for tourists to visit? Share with us at Only In New York what your favorite thing is to do in the Catskills!