Here Are The 10 Best Places In New York To Retire In

You often hear about a lot of people choosing New York as their destination for retirement, whether it’s to come back home after moving away or to try out the Northeast for their third act in life. It’s always nice to hear from actual New Yorkers where they suggest retiring to, but it’s even nicer to look at actual data that can point you in the right direction

Thanks to the folks over at smartasset, you can now find out where the best places to retire to are. The company looked at three main factors: local and state taxes (ie. income and sales tax), how many doctors offices, recreation centers and retirement centers were in the area per one thousand residents and also how many seniors were living in the area. After averaging many factors together, below you can see their top ten picks and why we agree that these are some splendid places to call home. Take a look!

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