This Overnight Ghost Hunt In New York Is The Creepiest Thing You’ll Ever Do

The perfect month of the year to share hair-raising stories, last October you may remember we talked about the interesting history revolving around New York’s legally haunted house down in the Hudson Valley. Between this spot being known as the house in the famous Ghostbusters ruling and Long Island’s very own Amityville Horror House, it frequently feels like some of the most frightening homes in America can be found here in the Empire State. While each house may have it’s own chilling history, there’s one property out in Cattaraugus County that might just be the most horribly haunted house in our entire state and you can even spend the night there.

You can find plenty of paranormal accounts and documentaries about the Hinsdale House on Youtube, but one that showcases some unusual activity is the one below uploaded by Patrick Cochran!

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