The Outrageous Milkshake Bar In New York That’s Piled High With Goodness

Do you like milkshakes? Most people do. There are a lot of places around the country and around New York that claim to have the best milkshakes. Everyone’s tastes are different, so there’s probably not one ultimate winner in this ongoing contest, but at MilkyWay’s Ice Cream & Cereal Bar in Coram, you’re sure to find a near perfect milkshake for you. This ice cream and cereal bar is very special. Read on to learn more about this spot. You’ll likely be ready to get in the car and go before you even finish reading this post.

MilkyWay’s Ice Cream & Cereal Bar is one of the most special ice cream establishments that you will ever try anywhere. If you’re someone who loves milkshakes, ice cream, cereal, or all three, you will be in heaven at this place the second you walk in the door. Can’t make it to Coram? There’s a location in Huntington, too. Get in your car and go. You won’t be sorry! Don’t forget to check out our previous article for more epic milkshakes in New York.

Address: MilkyWays Ice Cream & Cereal Bar, 2229 Rte 112, Coram, NY 11727, USA
Address: MilkyWays Ice Cream & Cereal Bar, 22 Clinton Ave, Huntington, NY 11743, USA