This Rare Footage In The 1930s Shows New York In A Completely Different Way

The Winter Olympics may have concluded for the time being, leaving you longing for more videos of graceful ice skaters doing what they do best or shots of adrenaline-filled luge runs that will make you leap out of your seat. The good news for us New Yorkers though is that we’re always just a hop and a skip away from incredible Olympic history.

Hosting the Winter Olympics for the first time in 1932, the small and scenic Adirondack town of Lake Placid was alive with excitement during this unforgettable season. Less than ten years after the first Winter Olympic games were held, New York was the first location to host the competitions outside of Europe. Amazingly captured in the footage below, viewers can see what the original bobsled run looked like after it was specifically built for the games back in 1930. Now part of the National Register of Historic Places, the run itself may have changed over time but the intriguing history that it holds will always be here at Mt. Van Hoevenberg.

Press play below and you’ll get a chance to dive into the fascinating frenzy that was America’s first Winter Olympic games. Giving you a window to just how drastically the bobsled run has changed, you’ll get to see just how much these historic games have evolved over time. From the equipment that was used to the things that were worn, watch the video provided by CoolOldVideos to see a bobsled run and speed skating event from the year 1932.

You may not have been around for the first Winter Olympics that our state hosted, but do you have any photos or memories of the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid? If so, be sure to share them with us in the comments!

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