The Small Shop, Monica’s Pies In New York, Has A Grape Pie Known Around The World

When it comes to discussing New York’s Finger Lakes region, you’ll often hear people highlighting this area’s natural wonders. From the crystal-clear lakes to the endless waterfalls that are waiting to be chased, the Finger Lakes have so much to offer anyone who’s willing to explore this beautiful part of the Empire State. As much as we love to enjoy the great outdoors, today we’re here to highlight a different reason why you’ll want to visit this particular region of New York! So, grab your appetite and hit the road, because it’s time to enjoy the world-famous pies that come straight out of this roadside shop in one of our state’s many small towns. See for yourself.

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Address: Monica's Pies LLC, 7599 State Rte 21, Naples, NY 14512, USA