Spend A Magical Afternoon At Lamberton Conservatory, A Botanical Garden In New York

There are plenty of gardens in New York: we’ve got rose gardens, rock gardens, arboretums, and more, all over the state, waiting to be explored. One of our favorite botanical attractions in the Empire State is Rochester’s Lamberton Conservatory. This magical spot is indoors, making it a welcome respite from the often-bitter winters in New York. It’s home to many plant species that wouldn’t be able to survive in the harshly cold temperatures outside. This is one of the most unique gardens in New York and it makes for a great visit any time of year.

For more information about the Lamberton Conservatory and its history, you can check out the Highland Park Conservatory website.

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Address: Lamberton Conservatory, 180 Reservoir Ave, Rochester, NY 14620, USA