Hurricane-Strength Winds Just Derailed A Train In New York And Left Thousands Without Power

If there was ever a time to assume that the apocalypse was happening in America, this week would be it. All over the country we’ve seen devastating weather this past week, from horrific tornadoes to uncontrollable wildfires. New Yorkers are lucky enough to be tucked away in the upper right hand corner of the country where we rarely experience over-the-top natural disasters. But yesterday, areas like Rochester and other Western New York locations were hit with hurricane-strength winds that have caused severe damage and left hundreds of thousands of residents without power.

One of the most heartbreaking things about this historic wind storm so far? The fact that the iconic Nick Tahou sign that’s been hanging outside our favorite Garbage Plate destination since 1968 has now been damaged.

And as heartbroken as we are over seeing one of our most iconic signs damaged, the hurricane-strength winds caused even further damaged when they managed to derail a CSX train in Batavia.

The CSX train was headed from Chicago to Montreal when 12 of its rail cars were derailed by the intense wind. The train was carrying things like gunpowder, food products and furniture, with luckily no injures reported.

Have you lost your power at all over the last 24 hours or experienced any damage to your home? Share what’s happening in your home town in the comments section and tag #newyorkonly on Instagram to show us your photos of what it looks like in these affected areas!