7 Reasons Why Hudson, New York Is One Of The Coolest Small Towns In The Nation

Hudson is a destination that has had it all; from Mohicans to celebrities, from economic downturns to a thriving creative economy that now includes Etsy. Discovered by tourists, celebrity chefs, world-famous artists, motion pictures, and major magazines, Hudson is a go-to destination just two hours north of New York City becoming known nationally and internationally as a place of art, culture, and fine food. Local people and visitors say that there is a palpable vibe with a vortex of creative energy. For centuries, there have been reports of energies of another kind also, described in some of its folklore. Here are just a few of the things that make Hudson one of the coolest small towns in the nation:

Hudson’s vibe is well worth a visit and its never dull atmosphere makes it a fascinating place to reside year round. In a city where strong divisions have sometimes been drawn, there’s something for everyone. Have you ever been to Hudson?

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