The One-Of-A-Kind Beach In New York Is Absolutely Heaven On Earth

There are many beaches in the United States and even though people don’t automatically think of beaches when they think of New York State, there are also quite a few in New York, too. The state’s ocean beaches are all on Long Island and it’s surprising to some how diverse they can be. North shore beaches differ immensely from south shore beaches, and the beaches on the eastern end of the island are very different from those on the western end. As a result, New Yorkers can enjoy a wide variety of different types of beaches within their home state.

However, most beaches do have a lot in common with one another. Things like sand, blue skies, and waves are things people seek out at every beach. But, some beaches are very different from the others and are very unique indeed. There are some that are just one-of-a-kind. The most unique beach on Long Island just happens to also be the most beautiful. Read on to learn more about the beach at Wildwood State Park on the north shore of Long Island in Suffolk County.

Wildwood State Park‘s beach is heaven on earth! This is the best beach in New York state and it’s a great place to spend a summer day. You can also stay overnight in the park’s campground, if you wish.

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