21 Reasons Why My Heart Will Always Be In New York

If you’re like myself and you’ve never known home to be anywhere but the state of New York, you’ll more than likely understand the feeling of never wanting to leave. It seems as though anything you could ever want to have right in your back yard, you can find within reasonable reach from anywhere in our state. Most of us could spend the weekend around a campfire pouring our hearts out over why it is we’re so in love with where we live, but some of our residents or soon-to-be transplants may not be so convinced.

Wondering why all of our residents look like they’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow? These are the 21 reasons why our hearts will always be in New York:

Every one of us has our own particular reasons for loving the state of New York. If there’s a reason why our East Coast state has captured your heart but didn’t make it on our list, share with us at Only In New York why it is you love it here!