Some Of The Healthiest Places To Live In 2020 Are Right Here In New York

While we love to compile our own lists of things over here at Only In New York, every now and then it’s always good to have a wandering eye to check out what other ways the Empire State is being recognized. Thanks to the folks over at WalletHub, those who are interested in discovering which cities around the country are the healthiest can now find that information out. If you’re wondering if the city you call home made the Top 100, then keep reading to see how this was all put together!

So, did one of the cities that you live in make it to WalletHub’s list? If you’re wondering what other noteworthy lists that the Empire State has ended up on recently, then be sure to also read about how New York’s Finger Lakes Region Was Just Named One Of The Best Places To Travel To In 2020!

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