What This Drone Footage Captured At This Abandoned New York Castle Is Truly Grim

You’ll always hear us saying it, but living in New York is every adventurer’s dream! With so many fantastic reasons to get outside and explore all there is to see, we love taking trips to new places that have unique sights to offer us. Whether we’re taking an incredible adventure to one of our eye-catching natural wonders, or spending the day doing something more leisurely like strolling through a scenic area, we do our best to never miss an opportunity that combines the two!

Adding in a pinch of eerie, this island on the Hudson River is home to structures that will leave you feeling bewildered. Pollepel Island features abandoned castles that although are stunning, also have the power to make you feel slightly creeped out. The main castle on the nearly seven acre island was once used as a military surplus warehouse. Not exactly what you would have imagined inside of such a beautiful castle, huh?

The last place you’d find Rapunzel, Pollepel Island can be found roughly 50 miles away from New York City, visible from the Metro-North Railroad! If you’ve ever rode the Hudson Line and wondered what the deal was with this abandoned island and castle, now you know! Purchased in 1900, the castle was used for surplus storage, while the other structure you’ll find on the island was built to serve as a residence to the Bannerman’s.

Sadly, over the years since it came to be, the island and its feature structures have suffered through some severe wear and tear. In 1920, two hundred shells and powder exploded, causing major damage to the island. In 1969, a fire would cause the island to be put off-limits, destroying large amounts of the flooring and roofs of the castle. And, just as recently as 2009 the castle was badly damaged, losing a large percentage of the castles walls. Yikes, talk about a series of unfortunate events!

To take a look at the remaining ruins of Pollepel Island, watch what this insane drone captured from above:

Think you’re brave enough to check out this island for yourself? Now through October 30th you can take either a guided walking tour or guided kayak adventure to the island! To find out more information and to plan your visit, click here.

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