Everyone In New York Should Experience This Unique Festival At Least Once

Every year, on Labor Day weekend, Dansville, New York plays host to the New York State festival of balloons. This four-day event takes place at the Dansville Municipal Airport and includes a large number of hot air balloons, with multiple launches each day, as well as crafts and other vendors. Well worth a visit.

Lesser known is The Glow which kicks off the event. It is held on a local golf course, a family -riendly and much more intimate experience. A couple dozen, or so, balloons set up on the Thursday night before the festival. As dusk approaches, they start inflating their balloons, keeping them tethered to the ground.

Spectators are allowed to walk around all the balloon sites and some even assist the balloon owners with their preparations. The children get to see this magic up close and personal. When it is dark enough the show really begins with the fire lighting up the inside of each balloon, looking like enormous light bulbs, sprouting on the course. Here’s just a taste of what this looks like:

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