These 6 Incredible Waterfalls Along The Genesee River Will Blow You Away

The Genesee River is one of the few rivers in the world that flow north. From the highlands of northern Pennsylvania, The Genesee flows down three great falls in Letchworth State Park, into the city of Rochester, and over another three falls before it ends its journey in the Great Lake of Ontario.

The Genesee River carved the number one state park in the United States; Letchworth State Park, which is sometimes called the Grand Canyon of the East. The Seneca tribe called this place Sehgahunda – The Vale of Three Falls – and celebrated its great beauty and natural grandeur.

The falls near Lake Ontario provided power for mills and grew the city of Rochester, which became known as the “Flour City.” To move that flour to the rest of the country was one of the reasons for building the Erie Canal. The falls in Rochester have provided power to turn the wheels of industry, were instrumental in the westward expansion of the US, and provided a center for the industrial revolution of the United States.

These two sets of three waterfalls, just a few miles apart and both named Upper, Middle and Lower, provide us with an example of the dichotomy that is the United States; natural beauty and industrial might, all rolled into one package.

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