With so many celebrities entertaining us regularly in the Big Apple or vacationing away in our remote upstate mountain regions during holidays, it’s hard not to meet celebrities in New York. Almost all New Yorkers have at least one memory of meeting a celebrity here, but do you know which famous people are actually from here? Ready to learn how many famous people you share a hometown with? Surprise, surprise! These 14 famous people from New York may shock you.

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What are some fun facts about New York?

We've got some undeniably weird laws here! Did you know it's illegal to sell dog or cat hair? Or take a selfie with a tiger? We imagine those don't come up in day to day life very frequently, but if you find yourself in that situation, be aware that it is actually against the law!

What are some memes and jokes about New York?

Here's a list of great (and accurate) memes about New York. Things like our weather and out-of-towners' constant confusion of NYC with the rest of the state certainly make for great humor. There's some things you never unlearn if you've lived in the Empire State for any length of time. And there's a lot of foods that you'll miss for the rest of your life if you ever leave here.

What are some good historical photos from New York?

New York is so full of history and thankfully, a lot of it was documented! Here's some really fun historic photos from Buffalo's history. It's amazing how many of the buildings are still there today! These from the 1920s in New York City are really cool as well!

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