You Can Now Order New York’s Most Extravagant Milkshakes To-Go From Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Ever get a mad craving for one of the most extravagant milkshakes in New York? If you’ve had one of Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer’s milkshakes, you already know how devilishly delicious they are. On the other hand, if you haven’t had one, you don’t know just how much sugary-sweet goodness you are missing. Now, you can have a milkshake kit, so you can make your own, delivered right to your door.

Have you ever had one of the most extravagant milkshakes in New York, served by Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer? What’s your favorite kind? Join the conversation in the comments! For another scrumptious shake, head over to Manny’s Sweet Treats in Mineola.

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