People Will Drive From All Over New York To Playland For The Nostalgia Alone

Playland, also known as Rye Playland and Playland Amusement Park is a popular amusement park in Rye, New York. This Westchester County attraction opened in 1928 and it has been going strong ever since. At almost 100-years-old, this park has seen several generations of young people and their families pass through. Because of this fact, people drive from all over to visit Playland today with their own children, and to ride some of the rides they rode, their parents rode, and even their grandparents rode many years ago. This place is nostalgia encapsulated, and it’s a wonderful place to visit every year if you can. Read on to learn more.

Playland is the perfect place to go if you want to step back in time and be reminded of the ways that life seemed so much simpler back then. Even if you’ve never been to Playland before, it has a magical ability to transport visitors back to their youth. You’ll fall in love with this place. Plan a trip there today!

Believe it or not, Playland is not the oldest amusement park in New York – Midway State Park in western New York is over two decades older. Learn more about it here: New York’s Midway State Park Is One Of The Oldest Continually Operating Amusement Parks In The U.S.

Address: Playland Amusement Park East Lane, Rye, NY 10580, USA