Devil’s Hole Trail In New York Leads To One Of The Most Scenic Views In The State

Seen from either the United States or Canada, the Niagara River area is well-known. But the nearby Devil’s Hole Trail is another location that offers magnificent views of the waterway. Located in the state park of the same name, the trail is one and a half miles with a moderate level of challenge. The high vantage point allows a breathtaking vista of the surrounding waters and foliage. While it changes with the season, it will always knock your socks off!

If you are in the Niagara area and think you could use a hike on Devil’s Hole Trail, head to their Facebook page for hours, safety, and other important information. You’ll be able to get exercise, fresh air, and some stupendous images all in one trip.

Address: Devil's Hole State Park, Niagara Scenic Pkwy, Niagara Falls, NY 14305, USA