Enjoy Cool, Crisp Water At This High Elevation Lake In New York

If you’re looking for cool, crisp water for swimming this summer, then you’ll love Blue Mountain Lake. This high-elevation lake is right in the middle of the triangle made by Indian Lake, Raquette Lake, and Long Lake. While the other three lakes are often busier, don’t overlook this very special and very beautiful lake. The water at Blue Mountain Lake will be cold even in the summertime, but that shouldn’t stop you. Take a dip for ultimate refreshment!

Blue Mountain Lake is a wonderful and often overlooked lake. Don’t miss it. You’ll love swimming and boating here. If you decide that it’s too cold for either of those activities, then it’s also lovely to enjoy this lake from the shore. You’ll fall in love with the Adirondack views and you can take many photos of the surrounding beauty.

However, if you do decide to take a swim, prepare to feel very refreshed, indeed.

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Address: Blue Mountain Lake, Indian Lake, NY, USA