Check Out The Beautiful And Underrated Clarence Fahnestock State Park In New York

New York state has an incredible 180 state parks and 22 national parks. With so many options, it goes without saying that obviously some hidden gems might fall through the cracks. One underrated state park in New York that we feel like doesn’t get enough love is Clarence Fahnestock State Park in Carmel. This place is magical no matter what time of year you visit. The spring brings green growth and diverse flora; there’s a beach to enjoy in the summertime; fall foliage abounds in the autumn; and there’s a specially-designated winter area for snowy activities. Add it all up, and Clarence Fahnestock State Park In New York is a fun place to visit all year-round!

For more information about Clarence Fahnestock State Park, check out the New York State Parks website.

Address: Clarence Fahnestock State Park, Putnam Valley, NY 10579, USA