The One Restaurant In New York That Becomes Even More Enchanting At Christmas Time

You’ll find that plenty of your favorite attractions and destinations manage to get into the holiday spirit during this time of year. Making your experience all the more magical, earlier this month we talked about places like the Milleridge Inn that turn into a place that outwardly displays their Christmas cheer in the best way possible. But to no surprise, this isn’t the only spot in New York that transforms into something wonderful that you don’t get to see all throughout the year!

To get a better look at what you can expect to see at the Red Osier, check out this amazing aerial footage via Vimeo!

Have you ever dined at the Red Osier during the holidays? Tell us your favorite restaurants to visit during this time of year! To discover another cozy eatery, check out This Charming Cabin Restaurant In New York That Feels Just Like Home!